«Bdzhilka» company

Bdzhilka company (B-Mold) offer design and manufacture of high quality hot runner injection molds. From part idea till finish mold.

Series plastic parts production

B-Mold company was established in 1995. For today we have 36 employees (23 of them are involved in mold making) and provide full range of necessary equipment for plastic injection molding. Our directions of business are:

  1. Design and manufacture of molds for plastic injection;
  2. Series plastic parts production;
  3. Official agent and service center of such worldwide companies as: Asian Plastic Machinery, Chen Hsong Machinery, Industrial Frigo, Sesino, DME, Shini Europe;
  4. Plastic parts production for individual enquiry;

B-Mold main activity - injection mold design and manufacture, plastic parts production. Complete cycle of mold making is locating at our company: design, mechanical processing, establish and testing. We using Cimatron CAD/CAM and AutoCad for design. The range of equipment:  Grinding, Lathe, Groover, Drilling, Co-ordinate measuring, CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Milling and other special tooling and measuring equipment. Mold components and hot runner systems used by DME. For your enquiry can be used any other brand.



B-Mold able to produce high quality molds for different type of products and material from small to midium size. Our base production – hot runner molds. We provide own temperature controller, made by our engineers. We use German steel for our molds, hardness 48-52 HRC. Core and cavity by stainless stell only. Warranty 1 000 000 cycles and above.

B-Mold company also offer high quality and long worklife for caps and closures molds. We have a good expirience with such kind of parts:





Here you can check video of some our molds https://www.youtube.com//bdzhilkaua 

For years of  production were have made over 350 plastic injection molds for such sectors:

  • Injection molds for thin wall products
  • Injection molds for plastic food containers
  • Plastic injection molds for automotive. Auto parts injection molds. Automotive plastic injection molding
  • Injection molds for construction industry
  • Furniture and clothing accessories injection molds
  • Injection molds for plastic toys
  • Tableware injection molds: fork mold, spoon mold, knife mold
  • Injection molds for plastic caps and closures: jerry can cap, doy pack cap, flip top cap
  • Plastic injection molds for medicine: pull ring cap, syringes
  • Pipping and fittings injection molds 

B-Mold testing workshop



B-Mold company provides turn-key solutions for your idea of plastic product production. We can make a high quality mold and produce finish parts. Your mold always will be under our service free of charge. 


Mold enquiry application form 

Contact person: Mr Michael Gesal

E-mail: bmold(at)ukr.net  (at) = @

Mobile: +38-097-9761929 / +38-050-3764725

Tel/Fax: +38-0382-785185

Skype: myhailo777

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